Small Tin of Stitch Markers


Stitch markers can be used so many different ways to make knitting more care-free. 

Use them to mark the start // end of the round, repeat of a pattern, or right before a decrease. Use them to mark your progress for the day or catch a dropped stitch. Use them to mark out groups of 10 stitches so that you do not need to count.  

This set of stitch markers includes about 30 stitch markers in blue, purple, yellow or randomized assortment and comes in an upcycled tin from vintage fishing sinkers.

The tins are cleaned out but expect vintage quality as they are reused from their previous life.  Reusing is vital in reducing waste and I fell in love with these little tins.



39mm L x 25mm W x 12mm H

about 1.5"L x 1" W  x .5" H