OK Spoons Large Cherry Spoon + FACEVESSEL Large Glass


Large Cherry Spoon by OK Spoons + Large FACEVESSEL Glass


Large Spoons are approximately 10.5"

Large Glasses are over 3.5" but this one happens to be quite tall

FACEVESSELS are made by Neal Drobnis in Providence, RI

OK Spoons are made by Ben Currotto in Burlington VT:

I live in Burlington, VT, work on farms, teach, make music, carve things.  I carve spoons and non-spoons from green wood with axe and knife (and sometimes a power drill). I got into carving as a kid at a woodland summer camp, and I kept returning to it over the years. I love being another step in the decomposition of a tree, turning their parts into fun and maybe useful objects that have their own life cycles. These spoons are a particularly obvious animist joke. Everything is alive, you know? The big one adds a layer of playfulness whether I’m making Mac-n-cheese out of the box or homemade gnocchi. I think the smaller ones would be fun for mixing and stirring cocktails, but I also like their ambiguity. They’re just weird little grinning spoons, it’s funny. Smile even though you can’t hold onto things or something.